Gabriela Iuliana BARA



at the University of Strasbourg Engineering school: Telecom Physique Strasbourg (TPS), ISS Department


Member of ICUBE Laboratory → RDH team (formerly Automation, Vision and Robotics Team)

BP 10413, bd Sebastien Brant, 67412 Illkirch, FRANCE

: +(33) 3 68 85 48 62



In charge of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Ingenierie des Signaux et Systemes = ISS), at TPS, since 2022

In charge of ISAV option at ISS Department, TPS, 2014-2022

In charge of International Relations at TPS, 2020-2022

Member of the Research Commission of University of Strasbourg, 2016-2021

Member of National Council of Universities (CNU), 2011-2022


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